WooCommerce, an open source WordPress plugin has been the ideal choice for several retail start-ups for their online ventures. WooCommerce has a simple yet feature-rich interface and that is the reason of its popularity.

Our expert WooCommerce developers have years of experience in building robust eCommerce sites using this plugin.

Why Use WooCommerce?

Open source

While at the initial stage of setting up an eCommerce store, a free plugin that serves the purpose is an advantage. Scaling up is always an option as the business grows.


While the default plugin offers a basic set-up for your eCommerce store, customisation as per your specific requirements is an added advantage.

Simple yet feature-rich

Even though the plugin is simple to set-up and configure, it offers a wide range of features to benefit from including inventory management, shipping options, tax set-up, etc.

As a WooCommerce agency, Web’s The Word offers a comprehensive range of development services. Our team of experienced developers are equipped to leverage the power and flexibility that WordPress and WooCommerce plugin have to offer to develop and customise your WordPress eCommerce store as per your specific requirements.