Do you feel your website is getting frequent breakdowns during peak season or the maintenance costs are soaring up or the site is strained at any new implementation? If the answer is yes or you sense any room for improvements, it is definitely time to get a website audit.


Our team of tech wizards will do a thorough health check-up and point towards the weak spots or anything stopping the website to give the desired performance. As part of the technical audit, we will access the website layout, user experience, functionality, visual design, articulation of the business goals, performance, security, server and speed to name a few. 

What to expect?

A thorough report on the current condition of the website

Roadmap to optimise the website for better results

All major & minor issues identified, including security vulnerabilities

Guidance to follow industry best practices

Plan of action to deal with the issues

If you are not sure where your website is falling short, we are here to help!