Delivering a good User Experience (UX) is like providing a glue that binds together all touch points, connecting devices and creating an omni-channel experience. The user shall always be at the heart of the design considerations at every stage to ensure the best possible results. 

As a trusted UX design agency, WTW utilises best practices and techniques and the latest tech tools to offer bespoke UX design services. Our approach is rooted in collaborative and iterative design, coupled with our open communication and participatory mindset, which has always given us good client feedback. 

UX Design Process

  • Understanding & Research: The first step before we jump to actual work is always to understand the requirements fully and do a thorough research to discover the target audience, purpose of the product and expectations from it. 

  • Architecture & Wireframes: Information that the user is looking for shall be available quickly and easily.  For this purpose, we architect the information appropriately and create wireframes that unfolds the envisioned product and answers what goes where on each page.

  • Visual Designs: As a further step we define clear UX guidelines and create prototypes and the actual user interfaces. Site map, user flow, mockups, images and icons all form a part of this step.

  • Implement & Evaluate: Building the overall experience and then evaluating and testing how users respond to it to identify any scope of improvements. Areas identified are then revamped and polished to leave no stone unturned. 

Wish to build an engaging website with a team that establishes clear design process, meets the deadlines and delivers spot-on results?