Project Info

The Client

Posh Totty Designs is a jewellery retailer based here in Brighton which specialises in handcrafted jewellery with a personal touch. This business is all about creating special experiences for its customers, and that special experience starts from the moment you visit their Magento 2 website. Having searched throughout Brighton and London for a new vendor, we were excited when Posh Totty approached us to help them with their growth, particularly to prepare for the Christmas season.

The Project

We took on Posh Totty’s existing Magento website and quickly established a strong collaboration with them. We have helped them to open new sales channels in order to expand their range of potential customers and save them both time and money that would have been spent handling this growth themselves.

We quickly formed an upbeat relationship with their branding department and have brought our own ideas to the table in this respect, to ensure that we can enjoy a productive partnership that benefits both parties.

The Outcome

Our work alongside Posh Totty has been successful to date. We continue to provide support as well as enhancements and improvements for their Magento website to ensure their continued growth within the jewellery retailer market.