Beyond Skin

Magento 1 Support.

Beyond Skin is a local retailer of vegan footwear. Their mission – to produce and sell sustainable designer shoes with no leather and no cruelty – has earned them an Ethical Award from The Observer as well as endorsements from PETA and RSPCA. Their Magento 1 website has been a driving force behind their success and their reputation as a vegan friendly business.

The Project

As big fans of their products and ethics, we partnered with Beyond Skin in 2018 to help them with maintenance of their Magento 1 website. We have assisted with resolving a large number of legacy issues which had existed due to mistakes made by their previous developers, including problems stemming from their layered navigation being hard-coded and a number of bugs related to their multi-store setup. We have also added a banner that automatically detects when a user is visiting the wrong storefront (relative to the location their IP address), and advises them which storefront they should be using.

The Outcome

We have enjoyed a collaboration with Beyond Skin that has spanned several seasons, and has seen their reputation as an animal friendly organisation grow within Brighton. They are one of our most loyal partners and we look forward to supporting them going forward.



Beyond Skin


1 year & ongoing


Magento 1 Support


Multi-Store Setup / Multiple Currencies & Languages