a team of certified magento® experts

Our team is made up of Magento experts of all backgrounds, working collaboratively in a creative and flexible working environment – from certified back end developers that can solve any architectural puzzle that they’re faced with, to certified front end developers that are responsible for the visually stunning websites that we have delivered.

Owais Amiri

Owais Amiri CEO
Ruth Watson

Ruth Watson Brand & Design
Sukhwinder Singh Certified Magento Developer​
George Kneller

George Kneller Magento Developer
Pushpendra Singh Rana Certified Magento Frontend Developer​
Chris Davidson Magento Sysadmin
Mannu Kumar Certified Magento Developer
Amreen Virani

Amreen Virani Magento Consultant
Anil Kotwal

Anil Kotwal Magento Frontend Developer
Layla Brook

Layla Brook Marketing & SEO
Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar Magento Developer
Bharat Singh Certified Magento Developer
Saneh Thakur

Saneh Thakur Magento Developer​
Amrit Pal

Magento Developer​
Rameez Virani

Rameez Virani Testing Analyst
Sandeep Kumar

Magento Developer​
Narender Naryal

Narender Naryal Magento Developer
Vishal Kumar Magento Developer
Anil Kotwal

Anil Kotwal Magento Frontend Developer

Anu Kondal

Anu Kondal Magento Consultant
Archita Basandrai

WordPress Developer​