First impressions matter, which is why the design and overall user experience (UX) is the heart and soul of your website. Design can elicit a strong reaction (good or bad!) when a visitor initially lands on your website, while UX will influence their ongoing engagement and the chance of sealing their transaction. Conversion rates depend on these factors, which is why we treat Magento design unlike any other aspect of a project. The design of your website should communicate your brand in a simple but sophisticated manner; without overwhelming customers, you want to present them with a recognisable and aesthetically pleasing interface to navigate. Our certified front end developers work closely alongside merchants to understand their brands and deliver bespoke designs which provide an outstanding user experience for their customers. As well as offering design for brand new websites, we are also open to Magento redesign projects for businesses that simply need to freshen up the visual side of their store. Our deep experience and understanding of eCommerce best practices, combined with our knowledge of modern browsing habits, is the basis for our Magento redesign process.
Throughout this process we will look to create:
  • Intuitive Navigation Which Flows Smoothly For A Stress-Free Shopping Experience.
  • A Responsive Design Which Works Seamlessly On All Devices And Browsers.
  • An Optimised Checkout Which Keeps Transactions Going Through And Conversion Rates High
  • A Structured Catalogue Which Ensures That Customers Can Easily Find What They’re After.
  • A User-Centric Design Which Gets Customers Through Your Checkout And Brings A Smile To Their Face.
If you’re looking to improve your branding and increase conversion rates, we hold the formula. Get in touch and see how we can help.
Our Magento Design Services

In the world of eCommerce, you face so much competition; simply offering a quality product is not always enough to get to where you want to be. Your website needs to have a distinguished design which stands out, and a user experience which makes customers stick around. At Web’s The Word we’ll aim to not only create a compelling shopping experience, but to imprint your brand and values into the minds of your customers. We offer:

Our certified front end developers will put together a strategy which is unique to your brand and your needs – all with the goal of driving more sales and establishing brand loyalty between you and your customers.

Our design experts will evaluate user behaviour patterns, creating a wireframe that revolves around delivering the greatest user experience (UX) that you could envisage for your store.

We’ll create an intuitive user interface (UI), ensuring that customers can find their way around your website with minimal hassle or confusion. A charming shopping experience is the priority, and that’s what we’ll aim for!

Our team is experienced in theme creation, and can cook up something bespoke to your needs in order to set you apart from your competition.

We’re happy to integrate an existing theme for you if you’ve already found one which suits your needs; it’s an easy process for us and we can perform any customisations that you require.

If you have design PSDs in place, that’s perfect; we can convert them into a brand new theme, bringing the design to life exactly as you’d envisaged.

All of our themes are mobile and tablet friendly; we ensure that your customer’s choice of technology will not stand in the way of their experience or your growth.

Magento Redesign Process

Effective design and UX can be the decisive factor in turning visitors into customers, while a lacklustre design can be the ultimate roadblock which prevents conversion. The goal of our process revolves around delivering a look, feel and voice which communicates your brand and is in line with your business objectives.

Effective design and UX is never an accident; it is the result of careful analysis of data and user research, and a response to how users interact with online stores. Here are the steps that we cover throughout a Magento redesign project:

As is the case with everything that we do, strategy is crucial. As a starting point, we’ll have a discussion with you to pin down your business goals, brand personality, design expectations, target audience, internal processes and everything else that will have an effect on how we approach the design process. We’ll also conduct extensive research on user behaviour, the industry that you’re working in and your competitors within the industry. Web’s The Word has deep experience in the world of eCommerce; this, combined with research unique to your project, allow us to piece together a strategy that gives us the best chance of success.

The next step is to begin preliminary sketches on paper, based on our prior discussions and the findings of our research. This turns ideas into a solid layout and allows us to consider the positioning of elements, their associations and their functionality. We create wireframes which allow us to find the perfect balance between technical performance and user experience. We also develop clickable prototypes, giving merchants a better picture of how the store will function when the design is brought to life.

When we have approval from the merchant, we’ll get started on a unique design solution that is best suited to allow business growth. Everything that we do, from creation of visual elements to the UX flow, is created with the unique brand personality and expectation of the customers in mind. This approach, combined with the unrivalled functionality offered by Magento, allow us to conceive Magento designs of the highest quality.

Our design team’s job isn’t finished when the design has been created; throughout the development stage there is non-stop discussion between design and development teams to ensure that the design is implemented with no hitches or compromises. We also offer ongoing support after launch, and can make further design improvements based on the early reaction to the redesign.


Outstanding service and quality of work. They worked very hard and finished work faster than I expected and for less than I had budgeted for. Really do recommend them for your Magento 2 stores.

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