Magento Website Audit

If you sense room for improvement on your Magento store but aren’t entirely sure where its shortcomings lie, our Magento website audit is the perfect service for you. Our Magento certified developers will thoroughly check your website and pinpoint any issues that exist.

A growing business will often hit a point where they have begun to firmly establish themselves in the market, and higher levels of traffic begins to become a bit too much. If you’re in this position, your online store might begin to throw you some red flags: peak season breakdowns, steep maintenance costs or strained functionalities which weren’t designed for the levels of traffic that you’re experiencing. What are your options?

Merchants will often turn to their hosting provider and upgrade their existing plan, but continue to experience issues; this strategy will address issues from the server perspective or the PHP perspective, but ignores issues which might lie on the Magento side or a Magento/server or Magento/PHP combination.

From our experience, issues do often lie on the Magento side; whether a simple conflict between two extensions is negatively affecting website performance or more severe issues are affecting the store, which might require code refactoring or server boosters.

If your Magento website is suffering from such issues, Web’s The Word is here to help. Our team of Magento experts will conduct a thorough health checkup, identifying weak spots in your website and doing everything possible to bring performance up to scratch. We’re considered a reliable Magento development company, and our ability to carefully investigate a Magento store and detect issues is a big reason for that.

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Do You Need a Magento Website Audit?

We have worked closely alongside eCommerce businesses for a long time; we understand that merchants don’t want to waste time and money for an audit when it isn’t required, so we won’t tell you that you need one without understanding your position.

We might advise a Magento website audit if:

  • You’re facing performance issues, or your website is crashing without an obvious cause.
  • The page load speed of your Magento store is slow.
  • You’re regularly getting Magento error messages.
  • Your Magento store crashes during peak sales time.
  • You have recently launched an upgraded store seen a drop in sales.
  • You aren’t certain that data on the website (including customers’ payment information) is entirely secure.
  • You have doubts in mind that an extension you are installing will pose a threat to the website’s stability.
  • Upgrades are not functioning appropriately.
  • The website theme has not been properly implemented.
  • The backend or admin of the website is slow and employees aren’t able to work to their full capacity.
  • High maintenance fees are costing you too much money.

If one or several of the above statements apply to your store, a Magento website audit will determine the cause of the issues and allow you to fix them.

Benefits of a Magento Website Audit

As part of our complete Magento website audit, our experts will do a comprehensive study of your online store with a prioritised list of things to keep an eye out for. We’ll dive into your code with both feet, verifying that it is sound and holds up against Magento coding standards. We’ll review any technical issues that may have prompted to you request an audit and advise you on steps to take to resolve them. We’ll test page load speed, general responsiveness, extensions compatibility among other facets of your website. We’ll provide an audit report based on our findings, advising you on the next steps to take in order to guarantee that you’re getting the most out of your Magento store.

Here’s what you can expect from Web’s The Word if you choose us for a Magento website audit:

  • An overview of the current condition of your Magento website.
  • Every issue – major or minor – that we have identified.
  • Potential security vulnerabilities that we have identified.
  • A plan of action to fix the identified issues.
  • A complete roadmap to Magento website optimisation.
  • Direction on following Magento’s best practices.

Our Magento Audit Services

  • Magento Code Audit: While built on the same platform, every Magento website is unique down to the code that has been used on the back-end. Our Magento certified developers will conduct a thorough code analysis, reviewing every line of code to check that it is in line with coding standards and appropriate Magento architecture. This will give you a very good idea of what can be improved or updated before it has a chance to cause you grief down the line. Our Magento code audit service covers:
    • Front-end code assessment
    • Back-end code assessment
    • A study of the core Magento files
    • Evaluation of modules and extensions
  • Magento Performance Audit: Performance is a key part of the puzzle that makes up any Magento website; a poorly performing website can significantly cap the success and growth of any eCommerce business. As part of our Magento performance audit we’ll evaluate the load speed of key pages on the website and look for any bad URLs/404 errors. We’ll also think about the user experience in regards to navigation, design and the overall look of the website, offering any recommendations that we have to improve UX. Our Magento performance audit covers:
    • Performance analysis across different devices and browsers
    • Assessment of technical issues influencing page speed
    • Comprehensive review of user navigation and experience
    • Review of page templates
  • Magento Security Audit: Guaranteeing a secure platform for your customers to purchase goods from is of the utmost importance. We can find and report any potential security issues on your Magento website. Our Magento security audit covers:
    • Identifying security patches which should be installed.
    • Security issues with payment methods.
    • Unnecessary permissions to files and folders on the backend.
    • Weak passwords which should be updated.
  • Magento Server Audit: Issues with server configurations are another common cause of a poorly performing Magento store. Our Magento experts will assess your server settings and configurations in detail, pinpointing any problems which are likely to be affecting website performance and giving you suggestions to solve such problems.

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What Next After Your Magento Website Audit?

Our Magento website audit will come complete with clear instructions in regards to your next steps, and implementing fixes/improvements that we have recommended. They can be implemented by any Magento developer; we’ll present directions clearly so that they can be followed by professionals with the appropriate eCommerce experience. Alternatively, if we’ve earned your confidence as a reliable Magento agency, it would be our pleasure to implement the improvements ourselves.