Magento Speed Optimisation

Speed is one of the most important qualities that a Magento website can possess; slow load times can be a death sentence for an eCommerce store. Not only can a sluggish website drive potential customers away from your store and towards a competitor; it can also have an adverse effect on your Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) ranking. If you’re falling short in this area, our Magento speed optimisation services are the ideal solution. Our team of Magento certified developers will explore every possible avenue to improve the performance of your Magento 1 / Magento 2 store.

Bad performance can unquestionably undo all of the good things that have been done in other areas of your Magento website. If your load speeds aren’t up to scratch, it should be a priority to improve them; otherwise, you risk wasting all of the time, effort and money that you have put into the store up to this point.

At Web’s The Word we understand the work that goes into a speed optimisation project. Having worked with Magento since its inception, and Magento 2 since its release in 2015, we’ve established a deep understanding of the importance of quick load times and how to achieve them. Research suggests that:

  • Approximately 40% of the customers will abandon the ecommerce store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Approximately 79% online shoppers who are not satisfied with the store’s performance will not return back to the same store again for shopping.
  • Approximately 44% online shoppers will mention to their friends about a bad shopping experience.

Think that your Magento store could be performing better? Get in touch for a free analysis.

Benefits of Magento Speed Optimisation

Professional Magento optimisation services can have a huge positive impact on your eCommerce business. A reliable Magento development agency can bring you the following benefits:

  • Faster Page Load Speed
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Boosted Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Rankings
  • Greater Profitability

Magento itself is an extremely powerful eCommerce platform, and Magento 2 comes out of the box with features that directly improve the page load speed of Magento websites. Pairing Magento’s capabilities with their own experience, our Magento certified developers will make use of various speed optimisation techniques to accelerate the speed of your Magento store. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Magento Server Optimisation Services

Our technical wizards will meticulously review your server environment, and provide expert advice on what can be done to ensure that you’re getting the most from your server, in terms of gaining a quick response time and delivering content to the website swiftly.

Magento Database Optimisation Services

We’ll take a careful look at your database configuration, ensuring that the best database performance is extracted via query indexing and broad optimisation scripts, among other techniques.

Magento Code Optimisation Services

Speed issues often stem from unused extensions/third party modules which have been installed, or overlapping modules. Our Magento gurus will do a complete audit of your Magento website, identifying such issues and taking care of them to improve page load speed. We’ll also deploy CSS/JavaScript compression techniques, optimising load speeds further.

Magento Cache Optimisation Services

We’ll enable and module cashing systems through the admin panel to guarantee stronger website performance.

Magento Content Optimisation Services

We’ll also ensure that media being displayed on your website (such as images, video and audio) is compressed so that file sizes aren’t unnecessarily large, without compromising on the visible/audible quality of the media. Compressed media can dramatically improve the speed at which it loads.

Our Magento professionals offer nothing less than expert Magento optimisation services, focused on maximising the potential of your Magento store by generating high performance and a satisfying customer experience.