Magento Integration Services

A Magento eCommerce store is the heart of an eCommerce business; it’s where customers ultimately connect with the business and purchase their goods. However, third party softwares may need to be integrated to streamline processes; for example, a CRM (for ease of customer data management) or an ERP (for ease of resource planning) – to state just a couple of purposes that third party integrations can fulfil. Magento is unrivalled when it comes to managing your online store (yet another reason that we love Magento so much!). Allowing integration of so many other softwares, it represents an ideal platform for creating a holistic eCommerce experience for customers.

As your one shop stop for Magento eCommerce development, Web’s The Word provides unmatched Magento integration services. Our Magento certified developers are well versed when it comes to integration of popular softwares such as Amazon, eBay, SagePay, Stripe, QuickBooks, SalesForce, Xero, Agile CRM and vTiger – just to name a small selection. If we haven’t mentioned a system or application that you’re looking to integrate Magento with, drop us a line and find out what we’re capable of.

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How Can Magento Third Party Integrations Add Value to Your Business?

Integrations of third party softwares can be a godsend for an eCommerce business if well thought out and properly implemented. Here’s why:

  • Integrations give you the opportunity to provide your customers with a seamless journey: from the first time they see your homepage until they have goods delivered to their front door, ensuring a stress-free experience and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Merchants can effortlessly manage every facet of their business and standardise their business practices.
  • Managing sales and marketing campaigns, among other business aspects, becomes easier and more result-oriented.
  • The right integrations will enable you to save time by automating processes which would otherwise be carried out by a human – increasing efficiency and saving money.
  • The right third party integrations combined with effective social media presence can allow merchants to increase their visibility and ultimately improve sales.
  • When it comes to manual data entry, human error can be minimised but not removed entirely. Custom Magento integrations can remove the risk of manual data entry errors or duplicated data by automating data entry.

The advantages to effective Magento integrations are endless. Not sure what integrations might benefit you and your business? Let’s chat about it!

Our Magento Integration Services

At Web’s The Word, we cover every aspect of Magento and our goal is simple: to help merchants in understanding exactly what Magento is capable of, and how it can power their business. We possess great knowledge of Magento and what’s possible through the power of third party softwares or applications; we have any answers that you might be looking for. Our team of Magento certified developers carries vast experience in Magento development, and are capable of delivering Magento integrations that can allow your customers to enjoy a stress-free experience when purchasing goods from your eCommerce store. We rarely work on a project which doesn’t involve some form of third party integration.

Read about a selection of Magento integration services that our Magento 2 agency offers:

  • Magento Accounting and ERP Integration
  • Magento CRM Integration
  • Magento Omnichannel Retailing Integration
  • Magento Payment Gateways Integration
  • Magento Shipping Integration

Our Magento integration services also include:

  • Magento POS Integrations – LightSpeed, ConnectPOS, etc.
  • Magento Inventory Management Systems (IMS) Integrations – BrightPearl, Primaseller, etc.
  • Magento Email Marketing Automation Integrations – MailChimp, Bronto, etc.
  • Magento Customer Support Integrations – ZenDesk, LiveChat, etc.
  • Magento Google Services Integrations – Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.
  • Magento Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integrations – Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.
  • Magento Social Media Integrations – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.
  • Magento Advertising & Analytics Integrations – KISSmetrics, Adroll, etc.

If you don’t see the system, application or third party service that you’re looking to integrate with on the list above, contact us and let’s talk. We’re your team for any and all Magento 1 & 2 integration services.

Popular Softwares That We Have Integrated

  • SAP
  • Xero
  • SAGE
  • QuickBooks
  • SalesForce
  • Zoho
  • vTiger
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Rakuten
  • Stripe
  • CCAvenue