Brand is a visual representation which people relate with a business. An effective identity will be one which has a high level of credibility and quality and is easily recognizable by the customers.

As a trusted branding agency, we look at your business in entirety and ensure that the positioning, message, identity, experience and leadership all walk hand-in-hand. Our focus is clearly on the success metrics and to do that we ensure clarity of where the business branding needs to go as a result of working together. 

Brand Building Process

  • Brand Discovery: We do an in-depth study to understand the landscape in which the brand is intended to grow. This typically includes an analysis of the industry trends, competitors and customers and other stakeholders. Emphasis is to get a clear understanding of the aspirations and risk appetite of the owners and build consensus, if needed. 

  • Brand Strategy: At this step we strategize the brand building process. Strawman strategies are developed and assessed to ensure we come in consensus with the brand owners on the brand strategy and that the final strategy meets the core criteria of being relevant to the target audience. Not just this, it also differentiates them from the competitors.

  • Brand Identity: The brand identity includes setting a name (if new), creating a logo, look & feel, style guide and other relevant things. We focus on creating iconic logos and other visual brand identities that cut through the noise and really express what the brand intends to convey. 

  • Implementation & CI: In the final step, it is all about execution, analysis and Continuous Improvement (CI). Building the website, creating marketing campaigns, creatives, etc. that are in line with the brand strategy and style is what we do at this stage along with analysis of how customers perceive it and making improvements as we go. 

Ready to rise above the noise and push your brand forward?